• Electric Motors, Gearmotors, Drives, C&I AC Motors, AC Induction, PMAC, DC Motors
  • Worm Gear Speed Reducers
  • Helical and Bevel Helical Gear Reducers and Gearmotors, Planetary, Worm and Coaxial Gear Reducers and Gearmotors, Precision Servo Gearmotors for automation purposes
  • Wide variety of AC & DC Electronic Control Systems and Power Products used in industrial, commercial, EV, medical, and home automation markets
  • VFDs, Contactors & Relays, Manual Motor Starters, Low Voltage and Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Advanced Controls & Drives
  • Sheaves, Sprockets, Bushings
  • Rod Ends, Bearings
  • Precision Ball, Taper & Roller Bearings; Split & Solid Mounted Units; Armor Bearing Technology & Protection
  • Bearings, Couplings, Shaft Collars
  • Rigid Shaft Couplings
  • Custom Parts, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies
  • Precision Roller Chain Products
  • Chain Products include Sharp Chains
  • Cement & Asphalt Chain
  • Drop Forged Chain
  • Boiler Chain
  • Pulp & Paper Chain
  • Engineered Class Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • Grain Handling Chain
  • Welded Steel Chain
  • Drag and Non-Metallic Process Chains
  • Conveyor Components & Systems
  • Full line of Apron and Material Handling Conveyors


  • UL Listed, Distribution Enclosures, Fiberglass, Polycarbonate, and Push Button Enclosures
  • Custom Parts, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies
  • Silicone Products, Sealant Products, Glycols, Industrial Lubricants